Our product range consists of

  • Railway Signaling & safety technology
    -Control, signaling and security technology as well as information systems for EVUs
    -Advice, design and implementation for security applications taking into account the standards EN50126, EN50128, EN50129 and IEC61508
    – Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) networks
  • Sales of time reference systems from hopf Elektronik GmbH
    -Signal and protocol converters for distribution and conversion of electrical and optical signals or time protocols
  • Customer-specific hardware and software development in the field of functional safety
    – Consulting, design and programming of embedded system solutions
Time Reference Systems Rechenzentrum (Deutsch) Industry Automation & Functional Safety Railway Technology Accessories

Level Crossing Technologie

Safe railway Level crossings with the latest radio-based technology

Digital Interlocking System – ILOCK/RC

Modern Digital Interlocking System with COTS Components.

Rail Traffic Management System (RTMS)

Modular train protection system RDCS/RTMS
for branch lines with driver’s cab signalling

Time Reference Systems

RDCS – exclusive sales-partner of hopf Elektronik GmbH in Austria und Easteurope