Rail Traffic Management System (RTMS)

Modular train protection system RDCS/RTMS for
Branch lines with driver’s cab signalling
(no outside signals and MULTI GNSS positioning)

• Digital Communication Based Train Control System CBTC /
Train Protection System
Train Supervision System /
Train Operation System (All in ONE Solution)

• Driver’s cab signaling without
(main) signal notices.
The (Movement Authority) driving license is signalled.
(The starting point is the set of regulations for train control operations
at the Railway operators=
ALSO WORKS without interlocking!

• Block section concept with track-selective line element
based DIGITAL ROUTE ATLAS and 3D localization

SAFETY FEATURES Without interlocking functions

  • Counter drive protection for crossings in the station
  • Counter-vehicle protection on the free route
  • Counter drive protection for shunting
  • Follow-up protection on the free route
  • flank protection
  • Active braking curve monitoring
  • Protection of worker groups
  • Securing of public and non-public level crossings

Modular functionality – turn-key solution

  • Real-time remote access via Administration Console software
  • Management Caution Orders
  • Management of level crossings and non-public level crossings
  • Management of the speed table (VzG)
  • Management of construction site reports including history
  • Line Workers warning system
  • vehicle scheduling
  • schedule planning
  • Maintenance plan for locomotive revision
  • Integrated system monitoring of all components
  • Notepad function (for duty transfer)
  • Extensive statistical functions (e.g. delay, train, kilometers driven) including export function (e.g. Excel, PDF)
  • Interface for passenger information systems (VDV 452/453/454, DyFIS)
  • Interface for infrastructure management systems (3Binfra ZAK)
  • Court-grade voice recording system
  • Numerous optional expansion modules (e.g. integration of third-party systems, RTMS/INFRA-SONIC station public address system, station clocks, building automation, VoIP, etc.)

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